Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Ring

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Infinity Stones or Infinity Gems are six immensely powerful fictional gems in Marvel Universe. Connecting the six Soul Gems to a device, they were able to use its beams to absorb the life energy of Galactus and transfer it to a barren planet, giving it life.

You can wear the infinity gauntlet ring to boost your cosplay experience or as a fashion jewelry to show off your unique style and personality. It can be perfectly combined with your Halloween costume as well for a greater fun during the event. The infinity stones are sparkling brightly on the Infinity Gauntlet Ring, catching so much attention and desire around you. It is an amazing gift for your geek friends.

The six primary Gems are below :

  • Green Infinity Gem – Soul Gem.
  • Red Infinity Gem – Power Gem.
  • Orange Infinity Gem – Time Gem.
  • Yellow Infinity Gem – Reality Gem.
  • Purple Infinity Gem – Space Gem.
  • Blue Infinity Gem – Mind Gem.

Products Details :

  • 100% Brand new and high qulity
  • Material : Durable and high quality Zinc Alloy and Crystal
  • Rings size : 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Surface size : 2,5 cm