Iron Man Solar Powered Shake head

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There is a Stark possibility that you could spruce up the interiors of your home with the quirky new Iron Man Solar Powered Shake head. Feed him with some photons and watch him sway his head knowledgeably. The perfect gift for an Avengers or Iron Man fan, you cannot go wrong with this one!

Features :

  • This is Solar Powered Showpiece. It does not need batteries. It's head will bobble in Sunlight or any other light.

  • This Action Figure is Perfect addition to your Car Dashboard, Home or Office Table. When the Car is moving, it will Shake its Head

  • Great Companion for any Road Trip or Long Commute. Simply watch them bob their cute little heads to glory.

  • Ideal for gifting to Men, Women, Kids, Friends, Husband, Wife. The most fabulous gift for your family and friends.